Overwhelmed by clutter in two homes after losing her parents.

Stephanie is in her 70’s, lives alone, has no siblings, and lost her parents a few years ago. Before her parents died, Stephanie moved to Richmond to care for them while working a high-stress job that required her to travel often. Things got disorganized quickly, and now she has their home and her own home to manage. Stephanie’s real estate agent saw how she was overwhelmed by clutter in two homes after losing her parents and suggested the help of a professional organizer. This is how Stephanie and Sara met. 

When Stephanie moved to Richmond she didn’t have time to sort through items or unpack. Stephanie’s parents’ home (her childhood home) is also filled with stuff. Now that Stephanie has retired, she spends her time managing two homes. However, Stephanie wants to travel, relax and enjoy her retirement years with friends and family. 

Stephanie wants to honor her parents and sort through their items with care. A mass clean-out or estate sale doesn’t interest Stephanie. She wants to donate items to those who need them most and she wants important documents and valuables identified. Sara and Stephanie developed a plan and work together.

Phase One

Sort through items and determine what to keep, donate, and toss at her parent’s home. This will be the longest phase in the plan for a few reasons. Stephanie prefers to work more days for fewer hours each day. The home is large and each room needs diligent sorting. 

Phase Two

Identify and set up resources for shredding, moving, selling, and donating items. This requires research to get the best pricing and to schedule pick-ups accordingly. Some items will go to family and friends. 

Phase Three

Sell the home. With the help of Stephanie’s real estate agent, we will clear her parent’s home, stage it appropriately, obtain contractors to fix things and get the home ready for market. 

Phase Four

Focus on Stephanie’s home, unpack her, and get her settled in. 

Stephanie feels empowered now that she has help getting through this project. Each session she feels better because she is honoring her parents and making progress toward getting her retirement years on track.

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